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Q: Do you work on all makes and models?

A: Yes. Although we are a GM and Nissan dealer Mossy of Picayune Collision Center works on all makes and models. 

Q:  Can I take my car to any shop I like or does the insurance company choose the shop?

A:  The insurance company may attempt to “steer” you to a shop of their choice.  It is your legal right to bring your car to any shop you choose.  Mossy of Picayune Collision Center works with all insurance companies and honors all insurance estimates.  We are on the preferred list of many insurance companies and give a lifetime warranty on all work performed.


Q:  Can I get a rental car while my car is being repaired?

A:  In many cases the insurance company will pay for your rental car while your car is being repaired. Mossy of Picayune Collision will be glad to arrange a car rental for you.


Q:  Can you match my paint color?

A: Yes. Our computerized mixing system gives us access to the car manufactures formulas.  The paint is then mixed by our paint technicians on site and tested for accuracy.


Q: What warranty does my collision repair have?

A: All collision repairs performed at Mossy of Picayune Collision have a lifetime warranty, body and paint.


 Q: My car was towed for the scene of an accident to a tow yard or a shop I’m not comfortable with.  What should I do?

A: Again, It is your legal right to choose your repair shop.  You can have it towed to any shop you like however, the shop or tow yard will not release your vehicle to anyone without your permission.  Come to Mossy of Picayune Collision Center and we will arrange to have you vehicle towed to us.


Q: What is an OEM part?

A: OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” i.e. GM, Ford, Nissan, etc.


Q: What are aftermarket parts?

A: Aftermarket parts are parts made by someone other than the original manufacturer.  Insurance companies sometimes use these parts because they are normally less expensive than OEM parts.   Mossy of Picayune Collision will work with your insurance company to make sure your car is repaired properly and is restored to pre-accident condition.


Q: What are “LKQ” parts?

A: LKQ stands for “like, kind and quality.”  On a repair estimate it usually means a used part.  The insurance company is required to pay to return you car to pre-accident condition; no better, no worse.  For example if a used door or fender is available from a newer year model than your vehicle the insurance company may pay for a “LKQ” part instead of a new “OEM” part. 


Q: What is a deductible?

A:  When you purchase your insurance policy you choose a deductible.  It is the amount you pay on a claim before the insurance company pays.  For example, if you have a $500.00 deductible you pay the first $500.00 of the claim.  If the claim is for $501.00, you pay $500.00 and the insurance company pays $1.00.  If the claim is $10,000.00, you pay $500.00 and the insurance company pays $9,500.00.


Q:  Can you waive my deductible?

A: No.  Shops that “waive” the deductible are shortcutting work or are not performing a repair that the insurance company is paying for.  At Mossy of Picayune Collision we take great pride in our work and will repair your vehicle properly. 


Q: If my frame is bent is my vehicle a total loss?

A: No.  A total loss is determined by the cost of repair vs. the value of the vehicle.  Mossy of Picayune Collision can do unibody and full frame repairs and replacements.

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